Marvelous Mushroom Dyes, Part 2

natural dyed yarn rainbow

This is why a dyer should always – ALWAYS – take notes.

While sorting through the 10,000 pictures I’ve uploaded onto my computer  (not really that many but doesn’t it feel like it sometimes?) I came across a few pictures of the mushroom dyes I did with my Mom several months ago. I wrote about that day here, but focused on just the yellow and green dyes.  I never took the time to write about what we did with the dermocybe sp.

And wouldn’t you know that it was the one day – THE ONE DAY-  in our 20+ year history of dyeing together that we didn’t take notes.

At the time I remembered it as a “creative explosion.” We were so focused on the incredible reds, pinks, and apricot colors that nothing else mattered, certainly not documenting the process.

Except now, six months later, I can’t remember what type of fiber (Llama? Alpaca? Camel?) we added to which pot of mushrooms. I can’t remember why some skeins are red and others are pink. And where did that apricot color come from anyway?

I know one pot was a mix of two different dermocybe sp. (I assume that’s the source of the apricot). And I clearly remember the moment we  emptied little unlabeled bags of moldy dermocybe sp. into our pot of hot water and watched red dye seep between our fingers. That vibrant red liquid must’ve cast it’s magic over us, because the rest of the afternoon was a blur. Is it possible to get drunk off color?

I’m sorry that I can’t tell you how we created these colors. But I wanted to share the potential  of a little brown mushroom called a dermocybe  sp.

And to remind you – always take notes.

dermocybe natural dye

At least we labeled some of the yarn.
At least we labeled some of the yarn.


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  1. WOW. As in holy monkey look at that color! Sorry about the lack of notes. But you’d have to tear your eyes away from the amazing reds to read them anyway, and that would be real hard.

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