Mushroom Dyed Hats

I’ve injured my wrist – nothing serious, it’s adaptable –  but I’m avoiding activities that cause a searing nerve pain or a deep muscle ache. Like lifting heavy items  (dye pots) or repetitive motion (crocheting). I haven’t crocheted in over a month. For anyone who understands how relaxing and satisfying it is to create –  you know how I’m feeling. I miss the process.

I want to share the hats I made a while back to show what’s possible with mushroom dyed yarn. I  love color, I love weaving colors together, and I enjoy creating something warm.

These photos look more professional than usual because they are! My brother Martin Beebee, a professional photographer,  took them during our Thanksgiving crazy-chaos holiday together. Thanks Martin!

 Mushroom Dyed Hats

The fiber is 100% wool; pink –  a variety of Cortinarius;  brown – Pisolithus arhizus;  gray – Omphalotus olivascens.

mushroom dyed hat pink


This hat was dyed with another type of Cortinarious on a silk/wool fiber. The gray accents are natural.

mushroom dyed hat



Both of these are with 100% wool fiber, gold and green dyed with Phaeolus schweinitzii

Mushroom dyed hat yellow, green

Mushroom dyed hat with green and gold


This one is on my favorites, dyed with Pisolithus arhizus, on two types of fiber. The green is Omphalotus olivascens with an iron mordant.

Mushroom dyed hat brown

I wish everyone a healthy and creative 2015!



  1. I admire your dyeing with mushrooms. especially the delicate pink color. These days I dyed for the first time with mushrooms, Hypholoma fasciculare and got yellows and greens. So far I have dyed wool and silk with vegetables. I am really happy that I found this great site and can certainly learn a lot.
    For your wrist I wish a speedy recovery, Birgit

  2. UGH, sorry to hear about your wrist…hate anything that slows me down 🙂 The hats/yarns are just stunning, my faves are the green and sold. Get better soon.

  3. Oh Lordy – I hear your frustration!! My wrist has taken a funk also. No dying or dulcimer playing. To add insult, the Omphajotus in the back yard is covered with white fungus. I’m “dying” to know if it changes the color. Misery loves company, Joan

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