Creative Redoux


Hello again.

Things have a changed a bit around here- in real life and cyber life.

First — I let my domain expire. Totally my fault, I ignored the “renew your domain!” warning from WordPress until it was too late. I’m now — not .com. My former domain will take you a Godaddy website. It’s a sad and frustrating. Lesson Learned.

Second — In 2015 I went to work full time.  Entering the workforce after 10 years of working as a stay at home Mom was overwhelming. In a good way. In a fantastic, exhausting, but usually satisfying, way.

However, finding balance between the outside-work-world and the at-home-work-world was (is) challenging (many parents are nodding their heads in a synchronized yes). Squeezing in creative endeavors, like dyeing and crocheting, became impossible. I forced it for a few months, begrudgingly doing something creative, out of fear that I was losing my artistic spark, and I hit wall after wall. Can you force inspiration? I doubt it.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have time. It was what should I do with the limited time that I have? Crocheting wasn’t it. Dyeing, definitely not.

Weeks ticked by….then months. Our new schedule slowly became a well worn schedule.  I felt less rushed, and more able to relax into a creative space.

By November I wanted to crochet again. Not to sell at fungus fairs, just for me. I went through my yarn collection and found my favorite mushroom dyed skeins: a teal  and dark green both created from Sarcodon scabrosis.

The infinity scarf is just a simple half double crochet with a grey border. It isn’t the most amazing crocheted creation I’ve ever created, but damn it, I created something. I’m slowly finding balance between my new life and my old one. That’s good enough for me.

I continued on. We’ re planning a trip to the snow and I need a hat. So I made one.



What’s next? After the trouble I went through to reboot this blog, my goal is to keep it going with whatever I’m able to accomplish.

I didn’t realize how much I missed this little cyber space of mine, until I almost lost it.









  1. Congratulations, Myra! On all scores – your scarf and hat are exquisite, and a perfect complement to your eyes! Yes, sometimes you just have to let the inspiration come to you on its own well I know, , and appreciate your creative process. You go, girl!!!!

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